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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 26, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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megyn. studio b gets started with shepard smith. >> shepard: the news begins. lawmakers struggling apparently, to come up with a deal on the nation's debt limit. some experts warning of damage to our credit rating. that it may already be done. we'll get into it. box number two, dramatic text messages between a mother and daughter during that deadly shooting in norway. what the suspect's lawyer is saying about the confessed killer. box three, we are hearing from one of the teenagers who survived that vicious bear attack in alaska. he explains how it went down just ahead. unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> first, 3:00 in morning the political standoff and showdown over the debt crisis continues with time running out for lawmakers to prevent the government from defaulting. quite a thing. it has never happened in this
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country. nobody dreamed it might happen. lawmakers have until next tuesday to keep from it happening. to do so they need to raise the nation's debt ceiling but can't seem to agree on terms. >> the president said let's figure out a way to get to yes. and the speaker walked away for the second time. >> president is looking for a blank cheque. we have a bill that is a reasonable approach. we negotiated with the senate leadership that really is common sense. >> republicans know it is untenable to democrats and the white house. >> shepard: the debt ceiling is the legal limit the country can borrow to pay its bills. if congress doesn't raise it the government will have to pick which bills to pay. social secure , military pay could be on the chopping block. leading to higher interest rates for government and ordinary americans. the white house says failure to increase the nation's ability to borrow will trigger
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an economic disaster. republican leaders in the house say they will not raise the limit unless there are equal spending cuts. never struggle to get support from conservative members in their own party. a grouping of conservatives and tea party members sent out a paper yesterday afternoon rejecting their party's plan. away we go. henry at the white house now. two competing plans that each side says will solve the situation. what are the big difference ? >> reporter: moments ago senator harry reid said speaker boehner's republican plan is dead on arrival in the senate. when you look at them on paper these plans are not that far apart. let's dig into the details. senator reid wants to cut spending by about 2.7 trillion. boehner wants to cut it by 1.2 trillion in the first bite but then come back later maybe with 1.8 trillion more. close together. the big difference is reid wants to have 2.4 trillion in more borrowing power.
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through the end of 2012. boehner just wants to do it through early 2012 for a trillion. so there would be less borrowing power. which would moon we would have this debate again in a few -- would mean we would have this debate again in a few months. both sides suggest that neither plan, even though they are not far apart they are not going anywhere. the question is should there be a third plan, a plan by the president? listen to what the president said last night. he never says call your congressman and support a specific obama plan. >> the president: i'm asking you all to make your voice heard. if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of congress know. if you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message. >> reporter: it is interesting. in fairness the white house pushed back is if they put an obama plan on the table, critics would tear it apart and there would be no
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progress. that's their strategy. that may have worked early in the process. the fact is, we are a week out from what the white house is saying will be d-day. white house aide said earlier today that if congress does not act we may have a depression in america. they haven't said that yes. that's big stuff. >> shepard: two political speeches last night. a political move that the president doesn't put something on the table would be ammunition ndndnd may food for the scavengers. you pressed carney on this matter today a lack of a definitive obama plan, how did he spoken? >> reporter: carney kept saying over and over other reporters jumping in as well. he kept saying there has been an obama plan put on the table, he says starting friday night when the president came into that white house briefing room and expressed his anger at john boehner. >> why didn't he said last night, here are the nine things that i saw sport? here are the numbers, here's what i want on taxes and lay it out and say call your
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congressman with this. >> the fact is, you address the nation only so often on primetime. the president has been out here with an unbelievable amount of regularity, talking to you, talking to the american people throughout this process. he has put forward in great detail. if you guys haven't talked about it on air or put it in your newspapers or online, then you should many because the detail is there. >> reporter: in fairness, jay carney did specify that there's 1.5 to 1.7 trillion in cuts that the president has identified, other republicans and democrats on the hill have said they can live with those. then it got fuzzy on details on entitlement reform, he said there would be important savings, significant savings. saying that in general is not the same as laying a plan on the table and saying this is specifically what we are go to do. >> shepard: ed henry on day two, thank you. another u.s. congressman
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forced to quit politics in the wake of a growing sex scandal, the furry. david wu plans toi,k[?hresign r an a teen-year-old claimed she had -- after an 18-year-old claimed she an unwanted sexual encounter. congressman wu had been separated from his wife for a year and said whatever happened was consensual but giving up his job for the well-being of his family. the same congressman who sent this gem out the photo of himself in tiger clothing. and whose erratic behavior, we are told prompted some to quit. shannon bream, how much pressure was he facing? >> we learned today oregon's two democratic senators tried to reach wu, when they didn't hear back yesterday they told his chief of staff if we didn't resign by noon today they would publicly call for it. here's part of the statement: accusations against david wu are jarring and serious. while no one takes
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pleasure asking a league to resign we believe he can no longer be effective rep . >> shepard: but he's not resigning just yet. >> he thinks he can still be effective in the short term. here's part of what he had to say today: >> who knows when that is going to be? he could be here for a while. >> shepard: what happens with the ethics committee? >> nancy pelosi referred the case to the ethics committee. it is up to the committee to decide to launch an investigation. as long as wu keeps his position on the hill the ethics committee can continue looking into those allegations against him. >> shepard: shannon bream, thank you. >> now the deadly attacks in norway and the confessed killer is very like insane,
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you think? at least that's what his lawyer is saying today. according to that lawyer the suspect asked how many people% he apparently is somewhat astonished that it took 90 minutes for the police to capture him. >> he believed that the police would be there sooner or the police would already be there. >> shepard: a lot of people were surprised. a judge say the suspect admitted to bombing the building and gunning down teenagers. he was dressed as a police officer. gathered everybody together at the camp then opened fire. his victims defenseless. survivors hid under , ran into the woods or water. some jumped into the lake with nowhere to high. according to sky thus our sister news in europe, text messages between a mother and her terrified daughter were
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released. the first message from daughter julie. mommy tell the police they must be quick. people are dying here. the mother responds i'm working on it julie, the police are on their way. dare you call me? the daughter, no, tell the police there's a mad man running around shooting people. mother and daughter have been reunited. at least 76 people died that day. i understand police are holding him behind bars in complete isolation. >> reporter: that's right. that isolation could go on for sometime. it is somewhat of a punishment because he supposedly asked for access to wikileaks. he's obviously not going to be getting that kind of stuff. i think it was revealing what the lawyer said today. another thing that breivik had taken drugs before the attack. the lawyer would not say which drugs. but said he did it in order to be strong. the other thing that amazing he said the client did not show any remorse for what
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happened. only saying he was sorry that what he had to do was necessary. the key thing today from the lawyer saying that very likely his client is insane. >> shepard: what is next in the investigation greg? >> reporter: police were giving a news conference today they were defensive about what happened. i think there are going to be a lot of internal questions about how much time it did take them to get there? why there were delays? they say too much is being made of that the fact of the matter is, if they had gotten there quicker lives been saved, because he surrendered immediately. there was a red flag on him before in happened when he bought chemicals from poland. more information came out about that. it is true, he bought chemicals online. perhaps used in the bombing. but it was only $20 worth of stuff. >> shepard: tkreg burke live in oslo, norway.
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more ahead on the dead lay being thats. the suspect could get out of prison as a middle aged man. coming up that country's legal system. >> congress has the debt limb me 74 times in the last 40 years -- why is it such a big thing? why they been able to tie other matters to it? why are they separating the nation in this way? why are they threatening a collapse of our economic system? and holding the nation hostage. while we have in jobs crisis, they are saying look over here. are you disgusted by it? it is next. ♪ eggland's best eggs.
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dozens of times, 17 times under president reagan, five times ungeorge h.w. bush, four times under clinton, seven times ungeorge w. bush. so what's the difference? -- the difference is that the republicans tie this spending together with it. >> yeah, that's right. >> shepard: they tied two thingsing to. >> they said we have leverage we are going to -- hold it over the president and over our opponents in congress. unless you really cut spending. >> shepard: that's a battle between those who believe we should have this welfare state that we created. that offers social services for those who can't handle themselves or not have it. >> yeah, some would say not a welfare state but a state with a social safety net under it. >> shepard: almost by definition a welfare state. >> you could argue. that is in the crosshairs now.
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the debate going on this week has distilled down to one side against the other. the promise of some kind of cut, even harry reid's bill which he's gonna probably put to a vote thursday, he has savings from the wind down of the wars in iraq and afghanistan of a trillion. that's a funny number that you can't get your arms around. >> shepard: looks like a couple trillion, right? >> yes. >> shepard: the bush era tax cuts had they not extended, which the president promised he would not do, had they not we would be two million dollar -- two billion dollars better off, right? >> tax cuts, wars that were more costly than any administration thought they would be in a multitude of ways, including human life. >> shepard: when he was giving
12:17 pm
in to his political opposition when he extended the bush tax cuts, even though he promised he wouldn't, why wouldn't you notice down the road in the month of august, is this moment? why would you let it happen again? >> yeah. remember back to that time. a lot was on the table. >> shepard: there's a lot on the table now. >> including the extension of unemployment checks. the interesting thing now is that s&p, which is a rating's agency says almost no matter what happens this week the bills that are being discussed 2.7 trillion, 3 trillion, if you believe the numbers, s&p an signaling unless you are closer to 4 trillion, you may well see a downgrade of u.s. debt, regardless. the significance of that is short of a default, but nonetheless very significant. it means at essence, rising interesting rates, rising cost of capital for everyone. >> shepard: japan's rating got
12:18 pm
downgraded. >> japan has huge internal savings and it did not have the type of dislocation you would see in the united states. mortgage rates going up. u.s. debt would cost more to deer. -- to carry. municipal rays would go up across the board. >> shepard: why would he allow this to go six more months? they are going to move the goalpost. >> this is obama's argument, he says whatever deal we reach we have to get it past the election. 2012 is going to be fraught with so many issues, this is going to be first and foremost. let's get a deal that pushes it through 2013 and we can come back at some of the stickier issues. >> shepard: the percentage chance that they don't fix that and we default, percentage? >> my gut still tells me they are not that foolish. you are going to have some kind of deal, 80% skin of
12:19 pm
deal. again, what kind of deal is going to determine whether the ratings agencies nonetheless downgrade u.s. debt. that's not good for anybody. rising interest rates across the board. >> shepard: that's the cover story on the "wall street journal". the rating goes down no matter what. >> when it comes to the economy, white people and minors are farther apart than they've been in decades. next, the new numbers from our government. plus, think you have the guts to kick a grizzly bear in the face? this guy did. and it may have saved his life. we'll hear from him, next. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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>> shepard: more than 40 million americans are feeling serious stress over the money they owe. whether it was for credit card, mortgages, car loans or other debts, 17% increase from november. the new ap poll indicating stress levels highest within households that have loft jobs. -- have lost jobs. amid the worry over personal debt another study finds the recent recession has created the widest wealth gap in a quarter century between whites and minors. census bureau indicates whites on average have 20 times the net worth of african-americans. 18 times that of hispanics. one census bureau chief says where net worth is concerned whites and minors are back to
12:24 pm
a 1960s era. two societies, separate and equal. wow. gerri willis is here. what is with this new study? >> i want to show you more numbers. median wealth of u.s. households comparing white hispanics and black. starting with white: >> let's look at households with 0 or negative net wore: >> there is this huge and widening gap. >> shepard: why? >> white households more likely to hold stocks, 401(k)'s, you name it. they are older, tend to own
12:25 pm
more than hispanic households. the housing market, hispanics got hit more because they bought houses. california, florida, nevada, arizona they got creamed by 2009. get this the '05 median net worth for hispanic household, four years earlier than the numbers we've been talking about, 18,000 and change they lost 66% of their net worth in four years because of what happened in the housing market. >> shepard: how do you climb out of that? >> it is tough, a lot of people are there. >> shepard: gerri will that is a bit depressing. >> i'llry to think of something positive. >> shepard: you have that effect on many. >> hey now. >> shepard: i'm kidding. 5:00 eastern time on the fox business network. the willis report if you don't get the fox business network, demand it. >> new information from family
12:26 pm
member of the killer in norway. we'll breakdown the legal case against him. >> and our blago didn't you miss him? he's back in the news. asking the judge to set aside his 17 convictions and grant him a new trial. i would like a pup fight >> big changes for one of mcdonald's most popular menu item. they've been talking about making the happy meal more healthful for the children. they say they've figured it out, that is coming up. every day, all around the world,
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is studio b. time of the top of the news. more about the suspect who has confessed to killing dozens in two attacks in norway. the judge described the man as very calm. anders breivik. police say during the attack he appeared less. his lawyer said he's -- appeared merciless. his lawyer said he appears very coal. eight people died in the capital. a short time later he drove to a summer camp, while disguised as a police officer he shot and killed 68 people. breivik's former stepmother tells the associated press that he showed no signs of the horrors he was planning. she called him an ordinary norwegian. a well behaved boy. his lawyer claims the
12:31 pm
self-confessed killer is probably insane. the lawyer says he has not decide to use that as a defense. what else might you use? joining us former prosecutor and legal analyst. [ unintelligible ] >> i'm so happy to be here. [ talking over each other ] >> shepard: let's talk about in guy. crazy, really insane, really, what other defense did you have? >> i don't know he has the insanity defense. >> shepard: why not? >> it is about do you understand what you were doing? the nature and consequences of your actions and what you were doing was wrong? the fact that he dressed up as a police officer, unless he believed that he was a police officer i think shows what he knew weigh was doing and how he was planning on -- knew
12:32 pm
what he was doing and how he was planning on getting out of there. >> shepard: he knows insanity well. >> if their system functions the way ours does regarding insanity even if you are found not guilty by reason of mental defect. everyone thinks you go out the front door. you do. you go to the mental hospital, indefinitely until doctors say you are safe to go out into society, which could go on forever. >> correct. >> unlike their penal law if he is found guilty of this mass murder law they have he does 30 years. >> shepard: it is actually 21, he can get five more. after that they can determine that you are still a danger and keep you until they believe are no longer a danger which can be forever. they don't normally have the largest mass shooting -- >> i know you have a lot of statistics that you rattle off about how safe norway is. this guy was out there for an
12:33 pm
hour and a half, just killing people. >> shepard: they couldn't get a boat out. >> they don't have one. i appreciate they have a different lifestyle. to have your citizens in harm's way and to be so helpless in the modern era as it advances, nor what is unacceptable.mzúx >> shepard: breivik was even surprised according to what he said to his lawyer. >> interesting and bizarre. i'm not speaking to this guy and i'm not interested by way of defenses. you can't do that. if you decide to take on a case. we've argued this with casey anthony you do the best that you can. and you give your client the best defense to get the best result. for this lawyer to say i'm not listening to this guy, i'm not interested in his defenses. that's ineffective assistance. >> the guy is like cold blooded. >> that's -- that's competency the he may not be competent to
12:34 pm
stand trial if he is not going to assist his lawyer. >> or he believes in his plight that you need to get rid of the muslims. >> shepard: it doesn't matter at all that he believes that, who cares. >> unless a doctor who examines him says this guy's not function like your brain and mine. >> shepard: the bottom line is, the dude is going to be locked up for the rest of his life under every circumstance, no matter what happens. if he gets out, somebody will cap him and you know it. blago. he's now asking the judge to oh, manna from heaven. a jury convicted him on 17 of 20 charges including that he tried to sell or trade the president's old senate see the. in a 158 page legal motion blago's lawyers claim
12:35 pm
prosecutors and the judge against him. they say our blago never had a fair trial. his lawyers claim that the trial was full of errors. the lawyers are still here, poor blago. >> randy what would you think the percentage of these briefs being granted by any court, 2%? >> it ain't great. >> shepard: sounds like a big number. >> bottom line it ain't great. you have to really show some real stuff to get a do over. it isn't a matter of, it wasn't fair, you weren't nice to me. even errors, it is true, it is called harmless error. people screw up, judges are human, we are all human in the courtroom. it has to rise to the level where you were deprived of a fair trial. >> blago you are not allowed to testify. >> he did testify. >> it was a huge topic that he would not allow him to testify to it has to be so off the chart wrong. >> shepard: here's the quote:
12:36 pm
it is a case of overwhelming bias against the defense in with it playing field was so unleveled that blagojevich never stood a chance at a fair chance. >> he never stood a chance because as we learned, do overs generally speaking, and this was a glaring example, benefit the government. they tailored their case down. they simplified it. >> that's where i'm going to respectfully disagree. >> shepard: i've got this thing and it is bleeping golden. there was more evidence in this case, according to many legal observers than blood from rocking hamm to -- rockingham to bundy. he tried to sell the president's senate seat. he shook down a children's hospital, stop it! >> and he refused to go to jail in a plea and he thought he was better and bigger. >> shepard: he will fight and . you know he can fly. [ talking over each other ] --
12:37 pm
>> that's the thing -- [ talking over each other ] >> blago you can't be found guilty, there are no jails and you don't get sentenced to time. >> she did, on the retrial, -- shep, on the retrial, the defense gets to see all of the government's evidence for the first time.#ñú especially in federal court. you don't see the government's evidence until you are at trial. trial. on the do over at least+f know what is coming. it is like a baseball player by the 7th inning starting pitcher he has seen his pitchers now the batter is at the advantage. >> shepard: and the pitcher is tired. >> here's the prosecution is scared god help them if they went down in a hung jury again. >> this is a different case. usually it does benefit the defense because you get impeachment material, people have already said things maybe they will say something differently. they got smart, let's go for what we can prove. unlike casey anthony that's why it was so easy to convict him in round two.
12:38 pm
>> shepard: blago, i apologize we don't have the video of you today. next time, we'll have you flying anywhere you want. lawyers, hope you have a wonderful day. >> >> a california teen who survived a brutal grizzly bear attack. did you see this mess? now the kid who got attacked, the grizzly bear walked right up on them. and now the kid who got attacked is speaking out. >> i kicked him dead up in his face, right in the middle, bow, he was done after that, ko, don't mess with me. if the bear come back what happens? you got two people who can't walk and i'm limbing. >> shepard: don't mess with me, ko. he was with six other teenagers in a remote part of alaska learning about survival skills. they say they were crossing a river when the grizzly charged them. somehow everybody survived. one of the kids is still in
12:39 pm
serious condition. the bear, obviously don't mess with me christine o'donnell. even if -- don't mess with me ko.dwo up next, why so many analysts are saying the united states is going to lose its sterling credit rating, as long as there have been creditp ratings of aaa, the united states of america has had one. all these experts are telling us that is going to end no matter what these -- i almost call them criminals, what these congressmen in washington do. >> also, for the last four days the government has not been collecting taxes on airline flights. did you know that? the tickets aren't cheaper. guess where that money is going? let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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12:43 pm
are saying the crisis could hurt the nation's death rating. the "wall street journal" reports it will. some say it is inefficient able. for more on what that might mean and how would it affect average americans let's bring financial magazine. aaa guess to aa do you think that is happening and what does it mean? >> at least a 50% chance that happens. moody's and s&p showed this as their intention. interestingly, it is a political judgment as opposed to a financial estimate of whether in fact the government can pay back its debt. nobody thinks there is going to be a tall. these agencies are saying there has been no political will shown they want a long term solution for structural chronic deficits. even if we get a debt ceiling increase whatever form, unless you have that big multi-trillion dollar long term deficit cutting plan and
12:44 pm
it had teeth i think there's a good chance we get a downgrade. >> shepard: nobody has82 tackled entitlements. >> mostly about statements of intent on both sides. these programs will be curtailed x amount, nothing on paper. >> shepard: i intend to go to the gym, but it is probably not going to happen. and it is also about getting leverage over the other side and the 2012 election. what happens if they >> you around and we do default? does that mean that interest rates go up on everything? that borrowing money is more difficult? the economy grinds to a halt or is this all political speak? >> in a true default which is such a remote possibility that is what happens. if we get just a downgrade, it means you are now aa plus, like japan, u.k. got the same treatment and it didn't cause domestic economic armageddon.
12:45 pm
i don't think rates would shoot up that much. about half of all the aaa rated securities in the world are u.s. government-backed. if you are aaa and the u.s. gets downgraded it is not as if you are going to sell your stuff immediately. >> shepard: where would your flight to quality be? >> that's right. i think it is more about long term loss of economic prestige. it does margins make the rest of the world wish they can diversify their assets into nondollar nontreasury based assets. >> shepard: have you been surprised as an analyst how beat the president has been by the right wing of the republican party? >> to some degree yes. i think he prefers to appear like that reasonable person. whether that is the case at the negotiating table or not. i does seem -- i think there might be a calculation on the
12:46 pm
administration's part. if you get to a point where is no deal or very unsatisfying deal on both parts it sticks more to the republicans than to him. that might be the calculation. >> shepard: that's what the polls are saying. i know hindsight is clear. when they were dealing with the extension of the bush tax cuts, which the president did to the screams and explosions from the base of his own party, why not tie some of this to that at the time. do you not remember there's a tomorrow? >> it is true. there had been something like 60 or 70 debt ceiling increases in the last -- >> shepard: in my lifetime. >> you always anticipate this is going to be the big showdown. theoretically, you could have done that he decided to tie it to the payroll tax cut which is now at least giving some support to the economy. >> shepard: the thinking is at the last moment they will work this out, we move forward. they are not going to give it a six month extension. he would have to deal with this again, why would he do
12:47 pm
that? >> the choice is either that or no deal, who knows where that comes down. i think you are right, both sides are trying to preserve ammunition for 2012 as they perceive what the ammunition should be. >> shepard: it looks like one side is better at this gamesmanship than the other. >> it might seem that way now, yeah. i don't know by the way, the august 2nd thing is an estimated deadline. there's probably cash for another week or so beyond that. nobody doesn't get paid back university just makes things ugly. >> shepard: the effect has been the real crisis is jobs. we all know it. for weeks and weeks and weeks, we've been talking about this artificial deadline and this thing that fixes itself every time. we don't make anything, we done employ anybody. it is getting worse everyday and nobody is tackling it. >> not much, ups in their earning statement saying debt
12:48 pm
ceiling debate diminishing confidence in their customers. >> shepard: thank you michael. most of the airlines cashing in after a government foul up this is a doozy. your congress failed to pass legislation friday to keep the faa cooperating. so the airlines haven't had to collect taxes on tickets. that meant they had a choice give the savings back to the customers or pocket it? imagine, alaska, frontier, spirit, virgin america are passing on the savings. here's the list of the airlines which raised ticket prices: >> the u.s. government is losing 200 million a week in tax revenue. could congress once again, a huge congratulations and thank you for all you do. >> details on the amy winehouse police investigation and autopsy is >> plus, friends and family attending a private funeral a
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: private funeral in london today for amy winehouse. the service was for close friends and family. the troubled sinner died saturday. she had a long strug -- the singer died saturday. she had a long struggle with drug abuse we are not clear what killed her more tests are underway determine what ended her life so soon. trace gallagher with the news. what are we hearing about the funeral? >> reporter: it lasted 45 minutes. as you said, private, friends and family only there. were some fans on hand.
12:53 pm
they were outside many wearing her signature beehive hair do. i was led by a rabbi who offered prayers in english and hebrew. the father gave the most touching eulogy. telling stories about his daughter's childhood, playing music. he ended by saying and i'm quoting, good night my angel, sleep tight, mommy and daddy love you ever so much. the funeral ended with all the mourners singing the carroll king song, so far away. >> shepard: do you understand why the autopsy was inconclusive? >> reporter: if she died of a heart attack, stroke or seizures we would know by now that would have been apparent. clearly she died of something else. the answer lies in her blood. and her tissue and hair samples. which is why the toxicology reports are so important. those are maybe two weeks away experts say it likely has to
12:54 pm
do with drugs and alcohol. >> there are many drug abusers who always have drugs in their body if they are hit by a car they will drugs in their body even though that is not the cause of death. the part of the reason it is taking long is to find out the levels of the drugs not just the drugs but the quantity and to determine whether or not they are a cause of death or incidental finding. >> reporter: very interesting. i mentioned hair samples. they can take samples and tell what drug she has been taking in recent weeks. that give a pattern of the final days of her life. maybe leading up to a cause of death. >> shepard: rest in peace. trace gallagher, thank you. plenty of cases of victims forgiving their attackers for whatever reason. one little girl now saying the shark that took a bite out of her foot and leg, didn't mean it.
12:55 pm
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>> shepard: mcdonald's an mdding hethier options like pineapple spears, raisins and carrot sticks. cutting down on the number of fries cutting it in half from two ounces to one ounce and reducing the amount of salt in all meals. they plan to start rolling out the new meals in september. the new happy meal will have a 20% decrease in calories. >> doctors say a 6-year-old girl should make a full recovery after a shark attacked her off the coast of north carolina earlier this month. lucy, who was boogie boarding in shallow water when the shark came up from behind her. lucy has forgiven said shark. >> she said she didn't mean to do it. what did that shark think you were? >> fish.
12:59 pm
>> because your foot kind of looks like a fish, right? >> shepard: lucy's parents say she was calm as they grabbed her from the water and ran up the beach. she was asking am i going to die? am i going to walk? s did say lucy should make a full -- doctors say lucy should make a full recovery in six to eight weeks. >> some people outside of los angeles witnessed an accident last week. motorcyclist crashing into a minivan. callers told the 911 operator that the driver of the minivan drove away and they couldn't find the biker, turns out he was in the van. police say he flew in through an open window and landed in the backseat unharpled. the driver didn't stop. he -- unharmed. the driver didn't stop. didn't know the driver was back there. the driver of the minute night van drove a short distance realized he an extra passenger and that was that. >> that's it for studio b on a